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What to Do When You Knock out a Tooth

July 13, 2023

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Believe it or not, losing one of your pearly whites isn’t uncommon. Most people will lose a permanent tooth at some point in their lifetimes, but if a tooth is knocked out by trauma, there is a chance that it can still be saved with emergency dentistry. If you wish to save a dislodged tooth, then you’ll need to make haste to get it safely to the dentist. Here are the steps you’ll have to take to get your lost tooth back safely to its home in your mouth.

The First Thirty Minutes Are Crucial

You must act fast because your chances of saving a dislodged tooth begin to fall after thirty minutes or an hour after it is knocked out. Getting your displaced tooth to the dentist should go as follows:

Step 1: Never Touch the Root

The root of a dislodged tooth is incredibly delicate, and the slightest friction can diminish its chances of being saved. Only handle the tooth by the crown while never touching the root. Do not put the tooth in a cloth as it can abrase the delicate root tissues.

Step 2: If the Tooth Is Dirty, Rinse It

The root is still vulnerable. Gently rinse the tooth by swishing it around in a bowl of warm water using no soap or other cleaning agents. Do not scrub the tooth or use running water.

Step 3: Protect the Tooth

Be sure to keep the tooth moist under all circumstances. If you can put the tooth back in its socket, do so. Gently push it in by the crown, or place it above the socket and close your mouth upon it slowly. Keep it in place with your finger or by gently biting down on it through gauze. If this is impossible, it can go in the cheek. Otherwise, keep it in a cup of milk or in a vial with saliva. If you want to prepare, there are store-bought emergency tooth preservation kits that can keep a tooth reimplantable for up to 24 hours after loss.

Step 4: Get to the Dentist or Endodontist as Soon as Possible

While it’s best to get to the doctor within thirty minutes, a tooth can sometimes be saved after an hour or more. The sooner you get to the dentist, the more likely the tooth can be saved.

While modern tooth restorations are great ways to fill the empty spots in a smile, everyone would rather keep their natural teeth. If you happen to knock a tooth out, these steps can help you maximize your chances of getting it reimplanted. Be prepared and your teeth can be repaired!

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Village Dental provides high-quality dental care to the community of Reno, NV. Led by Drs. Megan M. Cercek and Maggie Rodriguez, the staff treats their patients as family with compassion, dedication, and the latest technology. Services include general, restorative, cosmetic, pediatric, and emergency dentistry. If you need help with a dislodged tooth or are just curious about how to be prepared to handle the situation, contact the office online or dial (775) 827-1113.

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